Delete QuickTime for Windows ASAP

QuickTime Dead – Delete QuickTime for Windows ASAP

Older QuickTime for Windows is no longer supported by Apple.

Researchers have found two security issues that will never be fixed as Apple stopped patching the program in Feb of 2016.  These two issues can allow a third party access to your computer.

QuickTime is no longer needed anyway as all browsers can play the files QuickTime used to play.

If you have ever installed iTunes or connected your Apple phone to your Windows computer odds are you most likely have some form of apple software  installed on your PC – even if you no longer use it. Best bet is to remove anything that is no longer needed and especially QuickTime.

How to uninstall – Control Panel | Programs and Features

Look for any “unneeded” Apple programs including QuickTime, Bonjour, iTunes, Apple Software Updater and pretty much anything with Apple in it.

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