Don’t install the Windows 10 update “2004”

UPDATE 11/1/2020 –

It is OK to install Update 2004 now – But make sure you install all updates that are recommended afterward so you get the update to the update. That second smaller update should fix the network and printer issues.

The update number 2004 has nothing to do with the year 2004 it is just the next number update after 1909.

TeleComputers recommends NOT installing the update numbered 2004.

Windows 10’s update woes continue.

Hot on the heels of a botched security patch that was retracted on Feb. 15, Microsoft has announced that it’s already looking into problems with its Windows 10 update 2004, the next seasonal upgrade for the Windows 10 operating system. Read more here.

If you get a popup suggesting it is time to install this MAJOR update – save yourself some heartache – and a tech support call. Request the update be delayed (update settings) – wait for as many days as possible to give them time to fix all these issues.

Here is how you do this: Go to PC Settings; Click on the last item “Update & Security” If you see Win 10 Update 2004 is pending (it will have “download and Install” link under it, then DO NOT click it. Instead click on Advanced Options; under Pause Updates – change the “Pause Until” dropdown to the last date at the bottom of the list.

Let’s hope they have this patched and fixed by then.

Too Late – Already Installed?

If by chance the update has already installed and you are experiencing problems – you have 10 days to reverse it. Go to PC Settings – > update & security -> recovery -> go back to the previous version to uninstall windows 10 and revert to the previous build before 2004..  

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