Improve Your WiFi | Mobile Phone Signal

Here are a few tips from Tech Support on how to improve your WiFi signal

These tips will work for your Smartphone as well as other WiFi dependent devices around your home or office.

Do you have a few areas in the house/office where connection to WiFi is problematic?

Improve Your WiFi | Mobile Phone Signal
Improve Your WiFi | Mobile Phone Signal

Improve your WiFi: We have installed many networks with WiFi. There are many things that can make your WiFi signal weak. Concrete walls of course and having your WiFi antennas located at the opposite end of the house/office can create low to no signal. But also things you really don’t think about can get in the way. If you have a wireless portable phone (or the base station) located next to the WiFi antenna – that can cause interference.

Also most any other wireless device (speakers, Roku, Emergency Alert system, Children Room Monitor, Camera, Computer/Laptop with WiFi enabled, etc.) can disrupt the WiFi and cell phone signals. Best strategy is to try to locate the WiFi base (usually your ISP/cable company ROUTER box) as central in the house/office as possible and away from the other WiFi devices. If that is already located in an undesirable place and it would be costly or problematic to relocate it – you can get a number of different devices to extend your WiFi signal into low signal areas of the house.

One of the devices we like to use simply plugs into an electric outlet next to your Router/WiFi and makes your electric circuit in the house into a WIRED network. These are called “Powerline Kits” – keyword search will find them for you. You then locate a second device from the kit plugged into the wall in the low signal area and plug in a WiFi ACCESS POINT (again keyword search will find those). Your WiFi network has just been extended into another section of your building and works as if the Router/WiFi were located at the new point.

Note: Best to avoid anything called a “WiFi Extender” – while that sounds like what you are looking to do most of the ones I have installed were problematic.

You really want a WiFi Access Point (AP). You do not need to purchase anything really expensive – look for low cost and high reviews! As an added side benefit – anything (Smartphone, TV, Laptop, Tablet, etc) that requires a WiFi signal that is closer to this new AP will benefit from the stronger signal too.

There is a fairly new thing called “WiFi Calling” on some smartphones (AT&T has it).  This has the ability to improve your mobile phone call signal by connecting parts of the call over WiFi.  People who use it have reported noticing a pretty good improvement in some of the spots where their local Cell Tower had a weak signal.

Hope this improves your WiFi and helps your connectivity!

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