TeleComputers Recommends Brave and DuckDuckGo

Time to take back control of your personal data!

Your data is valuable and right now you are most likely giving it away.

Take back control of your browsing session on the Internet and even opt-in to get paid for any ads you accept to view. This is the future of the Internet and it begins now.


You can stop allowing hundreds of hidden trackers to take information from your devices just by switching to a new browser called Brave. Brave Browser has built-in Ad Blockers and in combination with DuckDuckGo search engine you will have the best defense against data mining of your information. Make your browsing and searches easier on your brain by stopping the invasive ads that appear in all the other browsers. You can easily import your favorites from other browsers.


DuckDuckGo search engine is the safest one available. The only search engine that doesn’t track you. It does not gather any history or track your browsing – it only saves it to your device. It is clean and pleasing to the eye, without all the ads and distracting videos all over the page.


Getting paid with Brave Rewards – Not only do you get to stop giving away your data for free but you can actually opt-in to earn rewards for doing what you normally do when you are online. You can choose what to do with your rewards; donate to a charity or use the rewards in other ways.

It is the future of Browsing the Internet were individual people all around the world will get paid for their time and data. Imagine your entire company donating to end world hunger just by doing what you do everyday.

Take back control today.

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