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Remote Access Tech Support

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USA Remote Tech Assistance Services

You have heard of Telecommuters and Telemedicine – there is also Telecomputers. Using the same Tele remote virtual tools, we can repair, tweak and turbo charge your PC right over the Internet. This saves you a trip to the computer store and downtime while your PC sits on a shelf waiting for its turn. Save time and money with Telecomputers.

Looking for Immediate PC Tech Support ↗

Get help right away for your personal devices. Our Remote Access Tech Support services are available now!

$59.95 one-time fee for as long as it takes to get you fixed, tweaked and running faster.

Looking for IT Support for Business ↗

Find out about our ongoing Support Contracts for businesses. We keep your entire network updated and running smooth.

Our Techs work during your off-hours to keep you company tweaked.

Service – Support – Solutions

Did you know you can secure and manage all the technology you use to run your company, for less than the cost of one IT person?

We remotely monitor all the hardware, software and security issues for 100s of clients across the country.

In fact, we’re all our clients need to manage and secure everything.

The way we work is simple. For a small monthly fee, we monitor, manage, and secure every piece of your environment, 24/7.

In fact, we’ve been keeping customers up and running for more than 32 years. We can even send out on-site service techs when needed.

We can eliminate the high cost of your IT management and security.

Made in the USA

We are a U.S. company.

Tele Computers Services has been in business since 1991 servicing the New York metropolitan area. With the advent of Remote Access, we can literally work on any computer anywhere and at any time.

We build, service and support our own Tele Computers Workstations and Servers but can also support any brand PC or Server.

Tele Computers NUC PC small form powerhouse

Remote Access Tech Support

Our Support Services – available 24/7 –

With our Remote Access Tech Support we can resolve your technical problems quickly and easily. No job is too small or too big. Give us a try and you may never need to look for computer help again! All major credit cards accepted.

Why wait for a technician to come fix your computer or stand in line at some store? We offer Remote Access Tech Support services anywhere. Our experienced technicians can connect to your computer immediately and start working on resolving most issues such as:
• Virus and malware removal
• Computer tune-up, upgrades and optimizing
• Email setup and configuration
• Printer setup and troubleshooting
• Network setup and troubleshooting
• Setup internal data backup or ongoing secure offsite backup
• Install virus / malware protection
• Help Desk Services whenever you need it
• Hard Drive Cloning / Upgrading / Data Retrieval
• We build our own custom Computers / Servers
• New computer setup and network configuration
• Web Site Hosting Design and Support –


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Tech Support for Home, Office or Networks

Whether you have just one, ten or hundreds of computers we can handle your complete IT needs. Using our state of the art “Telecomputers” (Remote Access Service) we can work on your computers as if we are sitting right in front of them. Most times these IT tasks can be performed for less cost than having a technician onsite as we can switch from one computer to another with the click of a mouse instead of walking from room to room.

Why take on the overhead of hiring/maintaining an in-house IT staff when we can do it all for you. Now with the advent of Internet Remote Access we can literally work on any computer anywhere. In most cases our network support programs will report problems to us before you even know there is anything wrong.

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Toll free:  800-766-TELE (8353)

Voicemail: 516-350-TELE (8353)

Text: 516-350-TELE (8353)

For our Business Clients with an ongoing Support Contract:

Submit a Support Ticket through our Ticketing System.

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