Do Not Upgrade to Windows 11

As always TeleComputers RECOMMENDS you do NOT upgrade to the new Windows 11 Operating System (OS) until the first full OS Patch has been released by Microsoft.

Usually, a year or so after the first release of a new system (like Windows 11) Microsoft will release a FIX patch which will repair all the issues reported by people who DID install the new system. Those who do install the new system are then BETA testing it for Microsoft with their own computer and time. Problems found could cause you to spend hours trying to find solutions online or cost you money for tech support when things go badly. We get a lot of phone calls to our tech support line when people realize that their things are no longer working.

Best bet for TeleComputers clients is to NOT approve of the download or installation of Win 11. If you happened to have already installed it, you may be able to reverse the install if you act quickly. Microsoft has been shortening the amount of time that end users can revert to an older operating system. With Win 10 it was 30 days with Win 11 you have 10 days. So DO NOT wait. Revert while you can. Our best tech support people will not be able to get you back to Win 10 without reinstalling the operating system from scratch. Basically, back to when you first got the PC.

Microsoft notes on its own Windows Update page that “Some Windows 10 features aren’t available in Windows 11. Certain apps and features may have additional requirements.”

If you have the Microsoft Office Suite installed – some of the Office programs will stop working or may require you to obtain a new user key (perhaps have to purchase the new keys) to get them to work with Win 11.


PrintNightmare Windows Patch Breaks Shared And Network Printing

In September Microsoft decided to release a patch that would stop an exploit called PrintNightmare from taking control of your windows system through the Printer Spool process. Unfortunately the patch was worse than the exploit because it has caused a lot of shared printers and network printers to stop functioning completely. We have been answering tech calls to fix printer problems since the release.

For most we have removed the updates – on some we were able to reinstall the network printer or share. This is certainly a Print Nightmare!

Here is a pretty good article about it from Tom’s Hardware:

Don’t install the Windows 10 update “2004”

UPDATE 11/1/2020 –

It is OK to install Update 2004 now – But make sure you install all updates that are recommended afterward so you get the update to the update. That second smaller update should fix the network and printer issues.

The update number 2004 has nothing to do with the year 2004 it is just the next number update after 1909.

TeleComputers recommends NOT installing the update numbered 2004.

Windows 10’s update woes continue.

Hot on the heels of a botched security patch that was retracted on Feb. 15, Microsoft has announced that it’s already looking into problems with its Windows 10 update 2004, the next seasonal upgrade for the Windows 10 operating system. Read more here.

If you get a popup suggesting it is time to install this MAJOR update – save yourself some heartache – and a tech support call. Request the update be delayed (update settings) – wait for as many days as possible to give them time to fix all these issues.

Here is how you do this: Go to PC Settings; Click on the last item “Update & Security” If you see Win 10 Update 2004 is pending (it will have “download and Install” link under it, then DO NOT click it. Instead click on Advanced Options; under Pause Updates – change the “Pause Until” dropdown to the last date at the bottom of the list.

Let’s hope they have this patched and fixed by then.

Too Late – Already Installed?

If by chance the update has already installed and you are experiencing problems – you have 10 days to reverse it. Go to PC Settings – > update & security -> recovery -> go back to the previous version to uninstall windows 10 and revert to the previous build before 2004..  

You Need To Work From Home

Corona Virus – COVID-19 – Yes, you can work from home!

Work as if you are sitting in front of your work computer right from home or on your laptop anywhere in the world.

As Covid-19 spreads more and more people are considering working from home. But where to start?

There are several software packages that allow you to do this – some are free.

Fill out our contact form if you need immediate help setting this up. We can remote access into your PC any where in the world and set up Remote Access between your Home and Office devices. We do this all the time for our network and business clients. We can easily do it for you usually within one hour.

Click here to go to our contact form.

Social Distancing works – be safe!

TeleComputers Recommends Brave and DuckDuckGo

Time to take back control of your personal data!

Your data is valuable and right now you are most likely giving it away.

Take back control of your browsing session on the Internet and even opt-in to get paid for any ads you accept to view. This is the future of the Internet and it begins now.


You can stop allowing hundreds of hidden trackers to take information from your devices just by switching to a new browser called Brave. Brave Browser has built-in Ad Blockers and in combination with DuckDuckGo search engine you will have the best defense against data mining of your information. Make your browsing and searches easier on your brain by stopping the invasive ads that appear in all the other browsers. You can easily import your favorites from other browsers.


DuckDuckGo search engine is the safest one available. The only search engine that doesn’t track you. It does not gather any history or track your browsing – it only saves it to your device. It is clean and pleasing to the eye, without all the ads and distracting videos all over the page.


Getting paid with Brave Rewards – Not only do you get to stop giving away your data for free but you can actually opt-in to earn rewards for doing what you normally do when you are online. You can choose what to do with your rewards; donate to a charity or use the rewards in other ways.

It is the future of Browsing the Internet were individual people all around the world will get paid for their time and data. Imagine your entire company donating to end world hunger just by doing what you do everyday.

Take back control today.

Improve Your WiFi | Mobile Phone Signal

Here are a few tips from Tech Support on how to improve your WiFi signal

These tips will work for your Smartphone as well as other WiFi dependent devices around your home or office.

Do you have a few areas in the house/office where connection to WiFi is problematic?

Improve Your WiFi | Mobile Phone Signal
Improve Your WiFi | Mobile Phone Signal

Improve your WiFi: We have installed many networks with WiFi. There are many things that can make your WiFi signal weak. Concrete walls of course and having your WiFi antennas located at the opposite end of the house/office can create low to no signal. But also things you really don’t think about can get in the way. If you have a wireless portable phone (or the base station) located next to the WiFi antenna – that can cause interference.

Also most any other wireless device (speakers, Roku, Emergency Alert system, Children Room Monitor, Camera, Computer/Laptop with WiFi enabled, etc.) can disrupt the WiFi and cell phone signals. Best strategy is to try to locate the WiFi base (usually your ISP/cable company ROUTER box) as central in the house/office as possible and away from the other WiFi devices. If that is already located in an undesirable place and it would be costly or problematic to relocate it – you can get a number of different devices to extend your WiFi signal into low signal areas of the house.

One of the devices we like to use simply plugs into an electric outlet next to your Router/WiFi and makes your electric circuit in the house into a WIRED network. These are called “Powerline Kits” – keyword search will find them for you. You then locate a second device from the kit plugged into the wall in the low signal area and plug in a WiFi ACCESS POINT (again keyword search will find those). Your WiFi network has just been extended into another section of your building and works as if the Router/WiFi were located at the new point.

Note: Best to avoid anything called a “WiFi Extender” – while that sounds like what you are looking to do most of the ones I have installed were problematic.

You really want a WiFi Access Point (AP). You do not need to purchase anything really expensive – look for low cost and high reviews! As an added side benefit – anything (Smartphone, TV, Laptop, Tablet, etc) that requires a WiFi signal that is closer to this new AP will benefit from the stronger signal too.

There is a fairly new thing called “WiFi Calling” on some smartphones (AT&T has it).  This has the ability to improve your mobile phone call signal by connecting parts of the call over WiFi.  People who use it have reported noticing a pretty good improvement in some of the spots where their local Cell Tower had a weak signal.

Hope this improves your WiFi and helps your connectivity!

That’s Not Microsoft…

Microsoft will not call you or ask you to call them!

I thought everyone knew about this but after two more people in as many days have had their computers hacked and locked up, it seems that many are still not aware of this.

Microsoft will not call you or ask you to call them! It is a scam. The two people mentioned above have given out their credit card information and each lost hundreds of dollars due to this scam. Plus now have to cancel the credit cards and still have a computer that doesn’t work.

Microsoft Scam Screen Sample image

If you don’t know – it usually begins with a pop up screen while you are looking at a page on a web site. The message is intended to scare you into calling a number to speak with a Microsoft Representative. Once they show you a bunch of fake pages on various web sites to convince you that you have hundreds of bad files and virus/trojan infections – they will volunteer to clean your PC over a Remote Access connection. This is where you allow the access to your PC; they can see your screen and move your mouse and keyboard. We use this type of program daily to legitimately fix computers for our clients. It is a great tool but these people are using it to scam you.

The entire scam is to get your credit card information. The call usually ends with the “fake tech rep” using a real (little known) Windows security feature called Syskey – to encrypt your computer with a password. Once that is done you can no longer open your computer unless you can guess the password. This can be fixed but it is not easy and sometimes requires that the computer be reset back to factory (like the day you bought it). This means you lose any and all information that you do not have backed up. You do know you should be backing up all those photos right?

So what should you do – as soon as the browser window shows you the fake warning screen – close the browser. If the page keeps coming back up every time you open the browser – that means your browser has been hijacked to use the fake warning page as the home page. You can change the home page setting in the browser settings to make it go away. If the page keeps coming back up and filling the entire screen so you cannot get to your desktop icons then you may have been infected with Ransom-ware. This is another form of extortion to get your money – immediately disconnect from the internet by pulling the plug to the network or turning off the WiFi or shut down the computer (hold the power button down until it goes off). Seek assistance from a legit Tech Support person. They will have seen this many times and can get you back up and running.

I hope this helps.

Fake Tech Support Scams Troublesome – How to Recover

Customers worry legitimate tech company could be fraudsters.

Fake Tech Support Scams – Fraudsters who use remote desktop support programs while scamming their victims have made it difficult for legitimate IT companies to convince users that they can be trusted.

Scammers have made an estimated tens of millions of dollars by tricking computer users into thinking their PCs are infected. The scammers “cold call” people, tell them that harmless error messages in the Windows Event Viewer are actually signs of a major problem, and then convince them to install a remote desktop program that gives the scammer access to their computer. The scammers pretend to fix the computer and charge its owner for the unnecessary and imaginary service. The same tricks can be used to steal users’ passwords and private information.  Some even go so far as to hold the computer for ransom by encrypting all the files.

When you are looking for Tech Support make sure you initiate the first contact or phone call. Do not trust anyone who calls you out of the blue. As more people become educated as to the scam it will make it easier to hire a legitimate Remote Access Tech Support Service.

How to Recover From a Tech-Support Scam

According to an article by about 3.3 million people are victimized by unsolicited technical support scams every year and the fraudsters rake in an estimated $1.5 billion. Here’s what to do if you’re one of them.

“You need to make sure the scammer doesn’t set up camp permanently. Disconnect the affected machine from the Internet immediately to keep the crook from accessing your computer while you batten down the hatches. Use another PC, tablet or smartphone to change your passwords, starting with financial sites and e-mail accounts. If you paid for the bogus service with a credit card, ask your card issuer to dispute the charges, and monitor your statements.”

Then call us – Tele Computers Services – our company has been around since 1991 and is one you can trust.  We will get you back to where you were before the scam.  We charge a flat fee no matter how long it takes to resolve the issue.  You can watch on your computer screen as we do the work remotely.  Our Remote Service Call also includes a full year license of WebRoot (a $39.95 value).  WebRoot is one of the best anti-virus /malware programs ever invented.  It will find things other name brand AV programs leave behind.  This will ward off attacks in the future.

Compare the alternatives to our Remote Access Tech Support:  Best Buy’s Geek Squad charges $150 for in-store Virus and Spyware removal and $250 if the technician makes a house call.  Staples charges $160 in the store and $300 for a visit to the house.

Remote Access Computer Repair

Remote Access Tech Support
Remote Tech Support / Virtual IT Services

Remote Access Tech Support Service

With today’s advanced Monitoring and Access tools we can offer technical support to full networks or a single computer with secure Remote Access Software.
Warning – 
Never give access to your PC to a third party who calls you on the phone claiming to be with Microsoft (they do not call people) or to anyone who displays a pop up on your computer while you are visiting a web site.  These are scams intent on getting your money and credit card particulars.  Only allow remote access support to your device by legitimate support companies where you make the initial contact.
Real time – 
For those times when a computer is infected or being hijacked by malware, we can do a “remote session” into your machine and resolve the issue as if we are sitting right in front of the computer. As long as you have an Internet connection we can provide remote services.*  Not having to have a “Support Truck Roll” saves everyone on resources and money.
After hours – 
Our “After-Hour” (non-business hours) sessions can keep your entire network running smoothly.  When Updates and new drivers are installed after-hours you save by not having any downtime to your system.  We also provide after-hour weekend backup services that can provide you with a 100% secure off-site backup of all your documents and data.
Security and support – 
One of the first elements we install into your system is “the best” award winning anti-virus/anti-malware software.  This program reports directly to our support staff in real time and most times we know when a computer is infected before you do.  By catching it early we keep your costs low – no downtime or controlled robot machine that might require a trip to the repair shop. Most often our program cleans the malware before you see the pop up notice of infection.  Our backend system allows us to monitor all your computers from one place on one screen and we can see if there are any network wide issues of concern.
Save money – 
By using remote access support you can outsource all your IT work to one party. You will never see us but you will always know that we are there, behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly.
USA Services – 
We do not outsource to India or any third party. Services are provided by Americans and the only accents you may hear will be American.
Quarterly or Ala Carte – 
Support contracts are available and based on number of locations and number of computers supported. Monthly or Quarterly billing allows you to budget your support over time.  Support contracts offer lower rates for services provided.  Alternate support billing is available on an Ala Carte basis where billing is done monthly based on services needed/provided at full non-contract rates.
Network / IT Consultation –  
By providing support to many diverse networks we are familiar with configurations and tactics that can make your network more efficient and reliable.  It could be one of the best investments you can make in your networks stability and longevity. Call and schedule a consultation today:
TELE Computers Services
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