Some of our most Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure you can fix my PC?

We are a tech support company that has been in business since 1991 with many business clients. We have seen everything. We are so sure we can resolve your issue we are willing to offer you a one-hour guarantee. You pay for only one-hour and we will fix the issue no matter how long it takes.

How long does it typically take to fix a computer?

We can fix just about anything in less than an hour. As long as you have Internet connectivity and we can see your computer over remote access. If your issue has to do with being unable to connect to the internet then it may take a little longer.

How can I trust someone going into my computer over remote access?

The main factor in allowing someone into your machine is that you contacted them for support. If someone calls you or contacts you to call them by spam email or browser pop-up – then you should not trust them to access your machine. We log into hundreds of machines a month and have never had any problems.

What is included in the tech support call?

The first thing we do is speed up your machine so we can resolve issues as quickly as possible. We do a few tweaks to to reverse some Microsoft Window’s settings that actually slow down your Internet speeds. Once those are done your machine will be faster.

We look to see if there are any recommended updates waiting to be installed. If yes, this could require a reboot of your system before we can continue.

We check your anti-virus to see that you are protected. We install a trial version of the “best anti malware” program ever created and scan your machine for all malware / infections. You have the option to have us remove other lesser anti-virus programs which may be slowing down your device. We can offer you a discounted price to upgrade the trial to the full version if you’d like.

We check your browsers for malware and extensions that cause them to slow down or spy on your machine.

Is there a hidden cost to your service?

No – the only other option is if you’d like to upgrade to the full version of the anti-malware program at a discounted price, while we are connected.

Why is the cost of your Anti-malware program offer so inexpensive?

We purchase volume licensing for hundreds of computers at a time. We pass that savings on to you. This is the full version not a slimmed down less expensive one. It includes virus, malware and web protection. It also finds a lot of bad things that other similar programs don’t find.

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