How Remote Support Works

Easy, Effective – How Remote Support Works

Help for anyone from anywhere with our simple to use Remote Support Services.

This is How our Remote Support Works:

1. Contact Us – Use our Contact Form and make first contact so we can begin the support process.
2. Confirmation – Wait to receive a Support Key from our Tech representative.
3. Connect – Click on the Start Support Session link in our top menu and enter the key.

Our Remote Access Software was built to the highest standards of security and performance, so you can be confident that your data is always safe.

The Magic of Remote Access Tech Support
The Magic of Remote Access Tech Support

Why Remote Access Tech Support

You no longer have to cart your computer into a shop or walk through a painfully slow step-by-step fix over the phone.  Designed for novices and businesses without access to on-site tech support our tech support services are ready to lend a hand. Using professional remote-control software we can troubleshoot your PC while you kick back and relax–provided your Internet connection isn’t the problem.  But even so – we may be able to get that working as well.  That why we say “Easy Effective Remote Support.”

Beware of scammers asking to remotely fix your PC

The best way to know you are dealing with a legit Remote Support Service is for you to initiate the first contact.  Beware of phone calls  out of the blue telling you there is a problem with your machine.  To date there are no legit companies anywhere offering this type of “call you” service.  They are scams attempting to gain access to your computer and then in most cases hold it for ransom until you pay.  Always make the first call to retain a support company and be suspicious of any email or phone call from an unknown entity.

Do you have a Support Contract?

If you have a TeleComputers’ Support Contract please submit a priority ticket through our  Ticketing System.

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