Contact Form Host

TeleComputers and use Contact Form Host to pre-scan all contact forms before delivering them to our clients.

More and more website contact forms are being filled out with spam messages by Bots and spamming companies selling themselves as “marketing” services. Since online contact forms submissions tend to bypass virus and email scanning they usually get delivered into your inbox.

Recently we found that more than 95% of contact forms submitted through our client’s websites are spam and those numbers are on the rise. Our new system called Contact Form Host scans your forms upon submission and only sends the legit messages to your company. Other filters are in place that stop these known spammers from even seeing your forms or your website.

No more wasted time sorting through junk form submissions. We take care of that for you. hosting company provides this service as an included free benefit for hosting your website with us. We hope you enjoy your spam free experience.

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