Set Up Gmail Advanced Settings

How to set up Gmail to allow your to be used.

Many people have found that when they add their to Gmail their legit email ends up going to the receiver’s Spam folder. This is basically because the email looks like it is forged or spoofed This, of course, doesn’t look good for your business.

Forged email, or spoofed email, is a tactic used by scammers to commit fraud. The purpose of an email forgery, as its name implies, is to fake a message so that it looks legitimate.

To set up out email services under Gmail so it is approved and verified – follow these instructions:

Open your Gmail in a browser.

Click on the “settings” cog/gear in the upper right corner.

Select “See all settings”

Select the heading “Accounts and Import”

Under “Send mail as:” enter a new (or another) email address

In the Popup Box enter your full email address (where is your email account name) – keep the box checked “Treat as an alias.”

Click Next Step;

Under SMTP Server enter “ – select Port 25

Under Username use the full email address in this format “”

Enter your password and check the box Unsecured connection.

Click the “Add Account” button

If everything is correct you should receive a verification notice on the screen and Gmail will send you a Verification email to that email address that you just added. Once you follow the verification instructions in that email message you will be all set up.

If you select “Make Default” all your Gmail will be sent through the account you just added and it will not be marked as forged or spoofed. This will allow your Gmail outbound mail to be “Branded” with your company email account.

Branding your business email with a Gmail email address does not look professional.

Return email (when the receiver hits Reply) will automatically go to the email account you just added.

Note: If you want all your email to go to your Gmail account then we will need to set up your email settings on the Email Server to forward to your Gmail address. Just let us know in advance.

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