Do Not Upgrade to Windows 11

As always TeleComputers RECOMMENDS you do NOT upgrade to the new Windows 11 Operating System (OS) until the first full OS Patch has been released by Microsoft.

Usually, a year or so after the first release of a new system (like Windows 11) Microsoft will release a FIX patch which will repair all the issues reported by people who DID install the new system. Those who do install the new system are then BETA testing it for Microsoft with their own computer and time. Problems found could cause you to spend hours trying to find solutions online or cost you money for tech support when things go badly. We get a lot of phone calls to our tech support line when people realize that their things are no longer working.

Best bet for TeleComputers clients is to NOT approve of the download or installation of Win 11. If you happened to have already installed it, you may be able to reverse the install if you act quickly. Microsoft has been shortening the amount of time that end users can revert to an older operating system. With Win 10 it was 30 days with Win 11 you have 10 days. So DO NOT wait. Revert while you can. Our best tech support people will not be able to get you back to Win 10 without reinstalling the operating system from scratch. Basically, back to when you first got the PC.

Microsoft notes on its own Windows Update page that “Some Windows 10 features aren’t available in Windows 11. Certain apps and features may have additional requirements.”

If you have the Microsoft Office Suite installed – some of the Office programs will stop working or may require you to obtain a new user key (perhaps have to purchase the new keys) to get them to work with Win 11.


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