Email Hijacking at an All Time High

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Email Hijacking at an All Time High
By now you have probably noticed many new spam email arriving into your post office each day.
This is due to the extremely high rate of free email account (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) that are being password hacked.
Normally this is due to a poor password choice. While easy passwords (pets names and real words) are easy to remember they are also easy to guess.  Automated programs (Bots) can “brute force” their way into most accounts by running a giant database of likely used passwords (i.e. – Spot, kitty, smile, password, password1, password2, etc.) while attempting to log into the email account over and over again until it works.The best defense against account hijacking is to use strong passwords.To assist you in testing your current password strength or to create a more powerful password we have provided you with this free program running from within our secure pages here:
Password Meter – Click here

The typical hijacked email account is usually used to send out hundreds of thousands of spam email to lists from all over the internet. Your inbox will begin to fill up with “undeliverable” notifications as  what “looks to be” legitimate messages from you are returned when they cannot be delivered for some reason.

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Recently Yahoo was hacked and more than 450,000 passwords were stolen.   If that isn’t bad enough; they published the entire list online.   See the article about it here: (confirmed this on June 6) had over 6.5 million (161 million users) passwords posted on a Russian hacker’s web site.  If you belong you should change your password right now!


Delete QuickTime for Windows ASAP

QuickTime Dead – Delete QuickTime for Windows ASAP

Older QuickTime for Windows is no longer supported by Apple.

Researchers have found two security issues that will never be fixed as Apple stopped patching the program in Feb of 2016.  These two issues can allow a third party access to your computer.

QuickTime is no longer needed anyway as all browsers can play the files QuickTime used to play.

If you have ever installed iTunes or connected your Apple phone to your Windows computer odds are you most likely have some form of apple software  installed on your PC – even if you no longer use it. Best bet is to remove anything that is no longer needed and especially QuickTime.

How to uninstall – Control Panel | Programs and Features

Look for any “unneeded” Apple programs including QuickTime, Bonjour, iTunes, Apple Software Updater and pretty much anything with Apple in it.

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